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The Global Care Company (URBAN PEST DIVISION) is one of the leading professional pest control companies in Pakistan. We have vast experience in the industry providing customers with friendly and reliable service. We only use the best products available on the market which allows us to provide the client with superior results. We provides total pest management hygiene solutions through a team of highly skilled operators and dedicated technical officers who constantly strive to be customer focused and quality driven. We take pride in providing our customers with perfect service and aftercare from homes and businesses to large commercial clients.


Why you need Pest Control?

Every business, home or facility is bound to have a pest problem throughout the year; even if your place is spotless, the ecosystem and temperature factors see to it that pests invade your space. If left unchecked these pests decrease the quality of the environment by creating an uncomfortable space as well as in some cases causing structural damages resulting in financial loss and more importantly, they pose a serious health risk as most of them are disease carrying vectors. The fact that pest populations experience a steady growth increases the pest problems and issues exponentially. For example Cockroaches breed monthly whilst rats can breed in some cases up to twice per month and both of these pests are linked to serious health illnesses like Salmonella, Typhoid, Polio, Weils disease, rat bite fever and plague. Pest control does exactly what the names suggests, if applied correctly and with the use of proper Eco-friendly pesticides, all pests can be controlled safely and effectively and in some cases eradicated completely especially if an Integrated Pest Management program is introduced and applied.


Integrated Pest Management Plan

The key of our Urban Division success is the process in which we follow the integrated pest management. Pest management program is a Five Step Process which we use to control pests.

Complete Inspection

A thorough inspection is conducted of each facility to determine the pest activity zones like entry points, food source, water sources, harborage sites etc.


Pest Identification

Correct pest identification is the key to control a pest because every pest has different life cycle and habitat.



Monitoring helps to identify the problem areas and to determine where and when treatment is needed.


Right Treatment

After monitoring we decide to use the best possible options like non chemical (Rat glue Traps, Rat Cages etc.) or chemical methods like installation of chemical baits to kill rats.


Maintenance Treatment

To prevent reoccurrence of the pest, maintenance treatment is done. This is the very significant step of the integrated pest management program.


Important Steps for Pest Control

Cracks Treatment

Cracks & Crevices applications involve the placement of small amount of pesticides into crack & crevices in which insects hide or through which they may enter a building. Typical crack in shelving & cabinetry, door hinges & door frames, cracks between paneling & Walls, cracks that lead into voids in walls, ceilings & all types of equipment. Crack & crevices treatment is ideal for German cockroach control, which spends approx. 75% of its time in cracks & crevices. Treatment includes the use of spray, dusts, or baiting (gel application).


Lacquer Application

All cracks or crevices around the wooden fixture, in the walls or on the floor will be filled with special binding agent made with residual insecticide. As the special pesticide is applied in and around the wooden fixtures, draws, cabinets, etc when dries will remain effective for long period of time. This application is a supplementary to residual spray.


Gel Application

Being a professional and environmentally responsible company, we encourage commercial clients to use our safer products. As a part of this strategy we use gel application for the control of the cockroaches. The gel acts as bait that attracts the cockroaches. Cockroaches eat and spread it to the whole colony, giving control of those cockroaches, which are not directly affected by the gel. The advantage of gel application is that it can be applied in areas food storage or processing areas like kitchen inside fridge the gel application is also a supplementary treatment to general cracks and crevices treatment.


Perimeter Treatment

A perimeter treatment is used to control & prevent entry of outdoor occasional invaders. Perimeter treatments are made to thresholds and other entrances, the foundation, the soil adjacent to the foundation, under brushy vegetation, & other areas around the building where pests may hide or gain entry. A perimeter treatment is necessary to check the flying insects like flies, mosquitoes and crawling insects like ants. There are thermal fogging and general spray application all around the building like garbage area, parking area, pool area, all vegetation or plants etc.


Misting (Fogging)

Misting is suitable technique for controlling flying and crawling insect pests. Misting will be done in all rooms. The advantage of misting is that the insecticide penetrates into cracks, crevices and partition walls that are not reached by residual sprays. So it is suggested that residual application must be followed by misting or fogging. In addition we will also use thermal fogger twice in a month for the better control of crawling and flying insects.










Agricultural Pesticides

Fertilizer / Micronutrients

House Hold / Urban Pest

Crops Seeds

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Granular Insecticides


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